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We provide our clients with a variety of ordering options to choose from:

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  1. Client Order Entry: Client may email, fax or directly enter the applicant data directly into our secure online portal.

  2. Applicant Order Entry: Allows the potential applicant to directly enter their data directly into our secure online portal

  3. Applicant Tracking System Interface: Interface with an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) utilizing HR-XML and SOAP Web Services

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County Criminal Search

A hands-on or electronic access of the court repository for Superior and Municipal court records at the county level. Searches are performed in the counties where your applicant has lived in the past 7 years and provide the most accurate and comprehensive criminal information available to date

Federal Search

Search of U.S. Federal districts for convictions of crimes that occurred on federal property and convictions of federal laws such as tax evasion, mail and wire fraud, drug trafficking, immigration law violations and postal offenses. Positive identification can be difficult with federal searches due to lack of identifiers in court files.

Civil Search

This search can be conducted at the upper and/or lower level courts. The data obtained reveals legal actions filed by individuals and businesses against other individuals and businesses. The data may contain information on the defendant, the plaintiff, particulars of the action and the outcome of the case. These searches are typically searched by name only and usually do not contain any other identifiers.

Multi-State Sex and Violent Offender Search

This multi-state database search contains criminal and sex offender data that is compiled from state agencies. This search contains information from 50 states including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam.

Department of Motor Vehicle Report

Driving records are obtained directly from each state and the number of years the record goes back varies from state to state. Records can reveal DUI’s, violations, suspensions and revocations.

International Searches

Criminal searches can be performed at the local, regional or national level. Additional services, such as education and employment can also be conducted and are available in nearly every country in the world.

County Criminal Search

Information obtained from several sources provides a history of your applicant’s names and address history. This service is a valuable tool to determine additional names and locations to check for the county criminal search.

* The public records and commercially available data sources used in this service may have errors and should not be relied upon as definitively accurate.

Credit Report/Employment Insight Report

For the applicant who may have access to credit card data, cash or company assets this service outlines an applicant’s financial responsibility by providing information regarding payment history, delinquencies, collection actions, judgements and bankruptcies.

Employment Verification

This service verifies the accuracy of an applicant’s reported work history. When available, verification will include dates of employment, job title and eligibility for rehire. Unless additional employers are requested, we will verify the 3 employers or 7 years of work history.

* Pass through costs for automated verification lines where applicable.

Education Verification

This service verifies that your applicant has accurately and completely represented his/her educational credentials. In most cases, this will verify dates of attendance, field of study and highest degree obtained.

* Pass through costs for automated verification lines where applicable.

Reference Checks

Our in-depth questions allow you to gain more knowledge of an applicant by gathering information from former employers. Questions asked include technical skills, interpersonal skills, management/supervisory skills, and any areas for growth or improvement.

Worker's Compensation Search

This service will provide information about worker’s compensation claims and previous injuries. (CA only)

Drug Screening

Screen your applicant for controlled substances and illegal drugs. Drug Screening will help reduce theft, absenteeism and worker’s compensation costs. We offer a 5, 9 or 10 panel urine test and will locate a facility nearby that is convenient that can collect test samples and provide results.

Global Report

Provides sanction information on healthcare individuals from nearly 200 state, federal and international sanction and exclusion watchlists to assist with USA Patriot Act compliance and other regulatory requirements.

Report copy to applicant

This service will provide your applicant a copy of his/her completed report.

E-Signature service allows you to replace paper and ink signature processes with fully automated electronic signature workflows.

* Pertains to clients utilizing New Applicant Order feature.

"I've used Valley Track for my start-up clients' background screening needs for the past several years. Shannon delivers excellent results and also provides expertise in a changing area of regulatory compliance. I value her consultative approach in working with clients and the speedy response times for orders and inquiries." - Christine M.

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